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For me it all started with the increasing boredom of corporate design life. After about eight years of catalog page layout and national ads, I found it harder and harder to drag myself to work only to face the same monotonous, lifeless work that I cared very little about. I hoped and prayed for more meaningful and engaging work… and soon came the layoffs! Careful what you ask for! Coming to grips with the fact that I am an artist, I vowed to take that opportunity to retool and find ways to do work that was closer to my heart, more than shuffling words, price points and photos of shoes around on a page. I wanted to make images, compelling images!  And so I headed in a new direction, embracing all the channels of learning and modern tools that this age affords us with digital cameras and software.  I’ve been on a quest for several years now, crafting and shaping my vision to create the kinds of images that move me… which brings us to this website. I hope as you pause for a moment to take these images in, you’ll enjoy and savor the places they take you… hopefully places you never thought possible!

When I’m not pixel pushing and tweaking with your visual perception, I enjoy making some music with my guitar and hanging out with my lovely wife and my furry, fluffy, four-legged friend, (try saying that five times real fast) Calvin.