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This was taken in Dallas on an Urbex (urban exploration) hunt. I was struck by how nature has its way of overrunning the neglected. It reminds me how good can always come out of the […]

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Hotel at Ashcroft ghost town

This is one of the remaining buildings still standing at an old deserted mining town in Ashcroft, Colorado near Aspen. So intriguing that after all the resources and mining ran dry, everyone just up and […]

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Real Estate Photography

Although you see a lot of fine art type of photography here, my main means of income is doing real estate and architectural photography. This is the second time I shot for the Toll Brothers. […]

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Toll Brothers property shoot

Enjoyed going to a property in Flower Mound, TX. It was a gorgeous home built by the Toll brothers. This image is comprised of a series of 9 exposures. This extends the dynamic range so […]

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