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Get Real!

As a traditional artist, I often find myself trying to coax realistic, artistic expressions from dumb, cold machines and programs that have no soul. As this digital illustration shows, it’s the operator, the person with […]

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Elephant photo painting

Recently I was at the zoo and as a result, I’ve found myself with plenty of animal photos on my hard drive. As time passes by, you start to wonder what kinds of things can […]

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Photo Illustration

This is what I came up with today in an effort to make a photo seem more like an illustration. I Started with a canvas texture overlay and then coaxed a line drawing from the […]

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Summer Memories

This image evokes a nostalgic feeling in me of fond recollections when one could live in the moment with a sense of contentment and peace. Never forget that life and every moment in it are […]

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“The Clearing”

Sometimes you find yourself on a predictable road or going through the motions and then suddenly something gets your attention. This photo of a bright opening up ahead breaks the monotony of endless greenery on […]

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Fleeting moments

There’s a lot of meaning in this photograph… for me, anyway. This young boy has captured something fleeting, a dragonfly… I’ve capture a unique, once in a lifetime moment with a click of the shutter. […]

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“Roses are pink…”

A while back, my wife received some roses from our church family as a way of saying thanks for all the work and time she puts into the kids there. The bouquet was sitting outside […]

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Colorado clouds

A while back I wrote a post about visiting some friends in Colorado. One evening as I was drinking in the view and enjoying the slow pace of life on the ranch, this huge monster […]

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