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Voted as “Image of the Week”

I was pleasantly surprised when the NAPP (national assoc. for photoshop professionals) website featured my image “Quota Crisis” as “Image of the Week”. It’s always nice to get some recognition. This image is a composite […]

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Vintage grass

A simple but picturesque view at an intersection on the way home from church. The tall reeds gently swaying in the high noonday sun caught my eye. It’s always so pleasant to see these unexpected […]

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Hanging on the edge

On my last birthday, I gave myself a present in the form of an afternoon to just wander locally to see what interesting scenes I could shoot. It had been a long day of studying […]

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Sunset over the boardwalk

Every Christmas we go visit the In-laws who live a stone’s throw from this beautiful golf course. I had been in visiting with them and decided to take a walk down to the course. I […]

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Back at the ranch

Last year (2010), my wife, our dog Calvin,¬†and I went to visit some friends of hers in Colorado. We had a great time and enjoyed their hospitality. I can now truly call them my friends. […]

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Unexpected guests

It’s always a pleasant surprise to see a hot air balloon. Something about it brings out the kid in me. The sense of wonder that we lose as adults finds its way to the surface […]

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Swan song

I visited a local park here in my hometown of McKinney and this scene stood out to me. There’s something about the tranquility in this scene that really appeals to me. The swan boats sway […]

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Roadside Vista

After a day atop Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, this was the view along the road. Break-taking all along the way. Can’t help but feel so small in that big space. We […]

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