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My first Photoshop Challenge win!

Looks like I won! I’m pleasantly surprised as this is my first photoshop challenge at the NAPP. I was required to use this photo of a toy plane shot under ordinary room light and use […]

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Voted as “Image of the Week”

I was pleasantly surprised when the NAPP (national assoc. for photoshop professionals) website featured my image “Quota Crisis” as “Image of the Week”. It’s always nice to get some recognition. This image is a composite […]

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Photo Illustration

This is what I came up with today in an effort to make a photo seem more like an illustration. I Started with a canvas texture overlay and then coaxed a line drawing from the […]

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Penguin composite

Recently, I went to the zoo and got some shots of a penguin. He swam right up to the window so I shot away. Later, back at home, I thought, “What could I do to […]

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Unspoken Words

On our 2nd anniversary, me and my wife went on a little getaway to Oklahoma and one of the activities we did was go on a nice horseback ride. I caught this moment where she […]

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Location scouting produces fine art


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Street Art Composite

  It’s been quite a while since I posted to the blog but I’m going to try and keep it up more. So to pick things up again, here’s something totally different. This shot is […]

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Scenic but errie…

On my last summer vacation to Colorado, it was cloudy a lot of the time but it didn’t stop us from subjecting ourselves to a long, brutal, dangerous and nerve-racking ride up to Yankee Boy […]

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